The Cowboy Al Lock-Back Knife Quick Draw
(Step # 1 ) - Insert The Folding Knife Correctly :
The holster should be worn in a position that is on the same side as the drawing hand, and positioned with the opening of the holster towards your front, as shown. To draw the knife and have it lock fully open, all in one swift motion, insert the knife (partially opened but not locked back) into the holster as shown, with the blade tip pointing downward.
As you continue to push the knife handle slowly back into the holster, guide the back of the blade forward and up into the holster with a forward sweeping motion of the fingers until the blade is no longer felt, or seen.
With the knife fully inserted into the holster it will appear closed, but the blade tip will rest against the nylon washer, keeping it from closing completely. The blade tip should be completely covered by leather on both sides. If your knife blade closes completely, or the blade tip remains exposed when fully inserted into the holster, do not use it! Use only Buck 110 or equivalent size folding hunter knives.
(Step # 2 ) - Executing The Cowboy Al Draw :
Tightly grasp the end of the knife handle as shown with the draw hand.
Twist the bottom of the handle slightly away from your body as you pull forward, causing the blade to swing out slightly as it opens. (This will keep the back of the blade from snagging on your pants pocket).
Practice this a few times slowly before you pull it out quickly. The blade will lock open with a "snap" once you can draw smoothly and quickly in one motion (Don't forget to twist outward at the same time). With a little practice, you'll be doing it just like cowboy al.
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"Apples or Outlaws, you can get your knife out quick!"
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